Change Of Name ads in newspapers for passports

Change of name ads in Newspapers starts : 375/-


change of name ads

change of name ads in newspapers

Publishing Change of name ads is a legal formality to be fulfilled while applying for passport in case of one of the following situations 

  • Change of Name / Surname
  • Change of Name for Passports
  • Change of Middle Name
  • Change of First name from X to Y
  • Change of name due to Religion change
  • Change Of Name due to Divorce
  • Change of Name due to marriage ( Not applicable if first name is not changed) 


Usually people run from pillar to post with agents taking advantage of the delicate situation. They charge enormous amounts for such small matters. We at classic advertising help you with the complete change of name ads procedure. We publish your name change in Gazette,  make a deed poll affidavit and also  publish your change of name ads in Newspapers. If you have a deedpoll Affidavit / Gazette copy than 50% of your work is over, now you need to publish  change of name ads in 2 Newspapers 1 National and 1 Local Newspaper the charges of which starts from 375/- onwards

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Kindly refer to the video below for complete explanation on How to Publish Change of Name Ads